Boucles et bonbons

For an exceptional educator!


It's that time of year when you're looking for a gift for that special educator... Well, we've got just the thing! A gentle gift for someone so important in your life and that of your children.

- 1X Glass personalized cane style : An exceptional educator drinks from this glass!
- 1X Bath bomb
- 1X Hand cream
- 1X Pastel hair clip
- 1X Personalized personalized To: Educator; gives absolute trust and love in the absence of an important person. Thank you for everything.
- Assorted candies
- Personalized handwritten card

Personalized cane glass: An exceptional educator drinks from this glass!
16 oz. personalized cane glass. Our glasses are personalized and handmade with permanent vinyl. Washing instructions for our personalized glasses are included with each one.

Bath bomb
This bath bomb from La Marcotterie is 100% natural and handmade! A hydrating, sparkling and relaxing bath experience enhanced by Epson salts and calming essential oils.

Hand cream
Moisturizing hand cream with a base of organic aloe vera leaf juice and a non-greasy after-feel. 30g handbag size.

Pastel hair clips
Small pastel-colored 2-inch hair clips

Assorted candies
These delicious candies let us discover the art of true candy craftsmanship using real fruits, spices and herbs. We love them!

Personalized card
We include a personalized card in every box! Just tell us what message you'd like to send and we'll deliver it with your gift box!

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