Boucles et bonbons

The house-warming party


Are you proud to have been invited to your friends' or family's housewarming party, and want to celebrate the occasion with them? Have your loved ones just achieved the huge success of buying their first home? We've got the perfect box for them, right here!

- 1X Engraved wooden spoon personalized : Happiness is homemade
- 1X Candle
- 1X Match
- 1X Grapefruit & rosemary room mist
- 1X Dish soap - lemongrass & basil
- 1X Personalized personalized Congratulations! For this magnificent cocoon
- Assorted candies
- Handwritten personalized card

Personalized engraved wooden spoon: Home-made happiness

Natural, environmentally-friendly soy candle with soothing, comforting scents.

This little matchbox is perfect for combining with one of our candles to complete the look.

Grapefruit & Rosemary room mist
This blend of fruity essential oils brings a fresh scent to the air. Thanks to its antibacterial and purifying properties, this room mist eliminates unpleasant odors.

Lemongrass & basil dish soap
You'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of lather you get with a natural dish soap. Blended with lemongrass and sweet basil essential oils, you'll love the way your kitchen gives off such an invigorating, refreshing scent!

Assorted candies
These delicious candies let us discover the art of true candy craftsmanship using real fruits, spices and herbs. We love them!

Personalized card
We include a personalized card in every box! Just tell us what message you'd like to send and we'll deliver it with your gift box!

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