Boucles et bonbons

Cocooning 2.0

This gift box represents the ultimate in personal time. It's sure to be a hit, whatever the occasion. Give it to your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend or even your mother!

- 1X Personalized engraved wooden bookmark: From the dust of words come dreams!
- 1X Personalized sleep mask : Sleeping!
- 1X Bath salt
- 1X Handmade soap
- 1X Hair scrunchie
- 1X Bath bomb
- 1X Candle
- 1X Box of matches
- Assorted candies
- Personalized handwritten card

Personalized bookmark in engraved wood: In the dust of words, dreams are born!
A magnificent personalized bookmark to help readers believe in their dreams!

Personalized sleep mask : Sleeping!
Personalized sleeping mask with a humorous touch to create lightness and softness in this box. 

Bath salt
Aromatherapy bath salt that combines magnesium and sulfate to provide stress and muscle relief. All fragrance choices will help your bathroom smell refreshing!

Handmade soap
The company's soaps La Marcotterie soaps contain moisturizing vegetable oils and butters, essential oils and plant extracts. Each batch is handmade with all-natural ingredients.

Hair scrunchie
This satin-finish scrunchie adds a coquettish touch to this box.

Bath bomb
This bath bomb from La Marcotterie is 100% natural and handmade! A hydrating, sparkling and relaxing bath experience enhanced by Epson salts and calming essential oils.

Natural, environmentally-friendly soy candle with soothing, comforting scents.

Box of matches
This little matchbox is perfect for combining with one of our candles to complete the look.

Assorted candies
These delicious candies let us discover the art of true candy craftsmanship using real fruits, spices and herbs. We love them!

Personalized card
We include a personalized card in every box! Just tell us what message you'd like to send and we'll deliver it with your gift box!

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