Boucles et bonbons

Radiant Red!


Want to bring some sunshine into your best friend's life? Your teenager? You're 5 soon to be 15 year old?! or even yourself? Our gift box offers sweets and self-care. Brightly colored and packaged in a customizable box, it's a winning gift idea! 

- 1X Flower bath bomb
- 1X Exotic animals bag of candy
- 1X Cherry lip balm
- 1X Vanilla marshmallow - milk chocolate
- Assorted candies
- Personalized handwritten card

Flower bath bomb
A hand-pressed bath bomb with floral fragrances, it leaves the skin soft and moisturized while creating magnificent colors during bathing.

Sweets Exotic animals bag of candy
These little sweets in the shape of exotic animals take us back to childhood and enchant the little ones! Devouring this bag of sweets brings back delicious memories.

Cherry lip balm
Who doesn't love cherries? Let's face it, it's a classic. Made with 7 moisturizers for super-tasty lip hydration every day.

Vanilla marshmallow - milk chocolate
How can you resist this combination of 2 popular sweet products? It reminds us of the popular product that everyone knows: the famous Whippets!

Assorted candies
These delicious candies let us discover the art of true candy craftsmanship using real fruits, spices and herbs. We love them!

Personalized card
We include a personalized card in every box! Just tell us what message you'd like to send and we'll deliver it with your gift box!

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