Boucles et bonbons

I already love you, godfather


Feel like making a godfather request that will get people talking? By offering our "Will you be my Godfather?" box, you're sure to get it right! Not only will he be the talk of the town, he'll be thinking about his role every time he's in the kitchen! 

- 1X Montreal Steak Spices
- 1X Personalized kitchen apron: Godfather: He's somewhere between a super cool uncle and a super dad we'd like to see more often!
- 1X Personalized coaster: I love you already, Godfather
- 1X Hot sauce
- 1X Personalized box lettering: Will you be my godfather?
- Assorted candies
- Personalized handwritten card

Montreal Steak Spice
The perfect spice for red meat, ideal for spicing up hamburgers, steaks and other meats. You can even try it on a classic hot dog for extra flavor.

Personalized kitchen apron : Godfather: He's somewhere between an ultra-cool uncle and a super dad we'd like to see more of!
A durable, lightweight kitchen or BBQ apron.

Personalized coaster: I love you already, Godfather.
Absorbent, heat-resistant cork coaster.

Hot sauce
50ml hot sauce that is handmade and delicious!

Assorted handcrafted candies 
These delicious candies let us discover the art of true candy craftsmanship using real fruits, spices and herbs. We love them! 

Personalized handwritten card
We include a personalized card in every box! Just tell us what message you'd like to send and we'll deliver it with your gift box!

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