Boucles et bonbons

The "Funky socks" gift box


- One maple cotton candy
- One pair of bamboo socks
- One Spice rub
- One Coaster to be customized
- Assorted Squish candy
- Personalized card

Maple cotton candy
This popular maple cotton candy is made with local grade A maple syrup. Its airy texture and unique taste make it the ultimate indulgence! There is no artificial flavor, glucose, brown sugar, or corn syrup.

Bamboo socks
These fun socks are unique and are made of bamboo! They are extremely soft, antibacterial, eco-friendly and more absorbent than cotton!

Rub du Matou spices
Rub du Matou will be the most versatile spice in your seasoning cabinet. As a snack on your cheese curds, on your morning eggs and especially on your favorite pieces of meat cooked on the BBQ, the maple rub is greatly appreciated for all kinds of cuisine. Thanks to its maple sugar and its spicy side, it spices up all your favorite dishes.

Customizable coaster
Cork coasters 10.2 cm in diameter. This absorbent and heat resistant mug mat is a great customizable addition.

Assorted "Squish" candies
Taste these delicious candies to experience the art of real candy crafts using real fruits, spices and herbs.

Personalized card
We will include a personalized card in each box! Just tell us what message you want to convey and we will deliver your message along with your gift!

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