Boucles et bonbons

The luxurious "Godmother" gift box

$ 86
This customizable gift box will make this surprise request perfect in its entirety. Offered in a luxury gift box allowing the exterior to be personalized with the name of the future godmother, it is a guaranteed favorite. 

- 1oz white mug: You are awesome
- Handmade Soap of the moment
- Handmade bath bomb
- Handmade hair scrunchie
- luxury gift box to personalize
- Assorted Squish candy
- Personalized card

Personalized white mug
11 oz. White mug. Our glasses are personalized and handmade with permanent vinyl. Washing instructions for our personalized mugs are included with each mug. 

Soap of the moment
We have many different varieties of handmade soap containing moisturizing butters, essential oils and plant extracts and this box will include the “soap of the moment”. Each bar contains all natural ingredients.

Bath bomb
This exquisite bath bomb is natural and handmade! An hydrating, sparkling and relaxing bath experience enhanced with Epsom salts and calming essential oils made with grapefruit, lemon and lime.

Hair scrunchie
Handmade for a touch of flair! Add a cute touch to your box with this beautifully made satin scrunchie. Suitable for all hair types. 

Squish Candy 
Taste these delicious gummies to discover the art of true candy, Squish candies are made with real fruits, spices and herbs.  
Personalized card 
We will include a personalized card in every box! Just tell us what message you want relayed and we will deliver your message loud and clear! 

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