Boucles et bonbons

I like your face

$ 50.53

The perfect box for your significant other to mark Valentine's Day in a unique way by offering this perfect package for a Netflix & Chill evening.

- 1X Salted Caramel Chocolate Drops
- 1X Caramel Jar
- 1X Maple Dragon Beard
- 1X Bon Bon Bag
- 1X Hot Chocolate ''Melt Me''
- 1X Snack Pow
- Assorted Squish candy
- Personalized card

Salted caramel pastilles
Fine dark chocolate pastilles filled with flowing caramel with fleur de sel.

Caramel jar
A true delight! Who can resist? (40 ml)

Maple cotton candy
It's cute as everything! A mini-pot of the famous maple dragon beard from the François Lambert company. It's the perfect size for a little treat after a meal, during a movie, or to give as a gift. 

Sweet BonBon
Mix of 150g of sweet candies.

Hot chocolate
Heat the milk of your choice and let the magic work! With this hot chocolate to melt from the company Chocolat Boréal.

snack pow
The varied crunchy nuts combined with extraordinary flavors will give you instant taste pleasure to be enjoyed without moderation. Peanuts, nuts, crackers and pretzels, this mix has it all to fill our savory tooth!

Assorted "Squish" candies
Taste these delicious candies to experience the art of real candy crafts using real fruits, spices and herbs.

Personalized card
We will include a personalized card in each box! Just tell us what message you want to convey and we will deliver your message along with your gift!

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