Boucles et bonbons

The "Best teacher" gift box

$ 67.60
The perfect gift for an educator or teacher!  

- 1X Candle 
- 1X Pilki Herbal Tea 
- Hot chocolate
- Handmade Bath bomb
- Caramel jar
- One Assorted Squish Candy
- One Personalized hand-written card

Soy candle
These beautiful, handcrafted soy candles burn for 212 hours on average. Soy wax is 50% natural and gentle on the environment because it does not release any soot when it burns.

Bulk herbal tea 
This unique blend embellished with a house mix of 9 spices will surprise you and make you think outside the box.  
Without theine or caffeine, you can sip it before bed with peace of mind because this infusion will help you fall asleep.

Hot chocolate
Who doesn't love hot chocolate? A chocolate cup awaits you! Tear it up, add it to a cup of hot milk and voila! 1 serving.

Bath bomb
This bath bomb is 100% natural and handmade! A hydrating, sparkling and relaxing bath experience enhanced with Epson salts and calming essential oils.

A caramel of the moment (1X40ml). Excellent choice to add a touch of sweetness to your gift box.

Squish Candy
Taste these delicious candies to discover the true art of high-end candies, made with real fruits, spices and herbs.

Personalized card
We include a personalized card in each box! You just have to tell us what you would like to communicate and we will deliver your message in a charming and elegant way.

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