Boucles et bonbons

The lemony request!

$ 66.48
Are you looking for an original way to apply for a godmother? You have found the perfect gift to make this moment magical forever with our box: Cocooning request! 

- 1X Luminous gel mask
- 1X Lemon Bath Bomb
- 1X Bath salt - Grapefruit, lemon and peppermint
- 1X Coconut and lemon lip balm
- 1X 24KT Gold Eye Mask
- 1X request written inside the box (Do you want to be my godmother?)
- Assorted Squish candy
- Personalized card

Luminous gel mask

Your skin needs a little freshness? Use this mask 3-5 times a week for smooth, supple and brighter skin! Ideal for normal to dry skin. 
* Promotes shine and elasticity
* Helps smooth the skin
* Moisturizes the skin

lemon bath bomb
Each bath bomb is made one at a time, hand pressed one at a time, without machinery. 
baking soda, citric acid, mica/dye/lakes, slsa, polysorbate 80, cocoa butter, scented oils, COT, kaolin clay, cocoa betaine, water, ipa. May contain candy sprinkles, biodegradable glitter, double butter soap, oxides
Bath salt - Grapefruit, lemon and peppermint

When you need a refresher, just throw some cooling salt into a hot bath, slip in and reminisce about your summer vacation.

Coconut and lemon lip balm

With a decadent smell of cake, neon yellow colors, this flirty little addition will be loved by all. 

24KT Gold Eye Mask
HADAKA Masks in 24KT GOLD have been designed so that the skin can absorb ingredients and nutrients in an ultimate way. This mask will hydrate your skin, leaving it radiant and sumptuous. By sealing the mask on the skin, the active ingredients will minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also the mask stimulates collagen giving your skin a firmer and smoother texture. This will give your skin a youthful boost, especially for dehydrated skin.
Squish Candy 
Taste these delicious gummies to discover the art of true candy, Squish candies are made with real fruits, spices and herbs.  
Personalized card 
We will include a personalized card in every box! Just tell us what message you want relayed and we will deliver your message loud and clear! 

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